We Build On Your Lot and with our Portfolio Homes –
it’s as custom as YOU want it to be!

Here at Schneider Custom Builders, we have long prided ourselves for developing a seamless, enjoyable process of “start from scratch”, custom design/built  homes. We recognize that not everyone wants to start from scratch. As a result, we’ve developed a group of plans and included them as Portfolio Homes to either choose as is, or to use as a starting point for creating your unique space.

Building a new home is an awesome process, both in an exhilarating and daunting way. Often clients come to us with no sense of where to begin and no true interest in starting from scratch. Our Portfolio Home plans were developed to create home designs we can build as is, or use one as a starting point.  When you choose something from our plans, it’s as custom as you want it to be, built on your lot.

Click on the image you’re interested in and contact us to set up a time to discuss the possibilities!  We can even help with financing your project.