Why Build Instead of Buy?

If you’ve never lived in a home that truly feels like yours, why would you settle for buying another cookie-cutter design in a subdivision where every house looks the same? When you’re tired of feeling like you’re renting instead of living in your own dream space, it’s time to build.

With fall just around the corner and kids going back to school, it’s time to get back to your family values and think about what you want in your home. Do you want extra space to host family and your child’s friends for weekend gatherings and parties? Do you want lots of natural light and high ceilings to feel closer to nature, even when you’re indoors? Do you want to extend your living space into your backyard to feel the fresh breeze but stay protected from ticks and mosquitoes?

Building your dream home allows you to consider everything you have on your wish list and make it a reality. Whether you need extra bathrooms for a busy home, a secluded spot for a quiet home office, or plentiful countertop space for holidays and dinners, you can have it all, and make your space the one you’ve always wanted but couldn’t find on the market.

Of course, it takes a lot of work to design and build a home that is both beautiful and functional. The Schneider design team is ready to put our knowledge to use and help you build the house that finally feels like home. If you are looking to build a new primary home, invest in a vacation property or improve upon your existing home with a custom renovation, we want to hear about your ideas and desires. Give Schneider Custom Builders a call and let us help you take that first step toward your dream home: 757-819-4466.