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How To Plan Your Remodeling Project

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The new year means that while the excitement of the holidays is over, many of us start looking forward to spring despite the weeks of winter ahead of us. January and February may not be great for outdoor activities and projects, but they are great for one thing: planning. If you want to complete a remodel of your home this year, use this time to start thinking about what you want for your home. Ask yourself these questions:

Which rooms don’t spark joy? You may have heard this phrase recently, with people everywhere decluttering and getting rid clothes and books that take up space in their lives but don’t bring joy. The same concept can apply to rooms in your home! For example: if you aren’t looking forward to taking a relaxing bath after a long day of work, be sure to include your master bathroom in your remodeling plans.

What environment feels the most “you?” Before you tackle a remodel, you’ll probably want to decide on a cohesive style for your home. Of course, an experienced contractor and designer can help you bring your dreams to life, but having a vision of what you want is a good idea. Think of the places you’ve been that make you feel the most comfortable and inspired. Do you like the minimalist feel of a museum gallery, with marble accents? Or, do you prefer the coziness of a log cabin lined with books?

What is your budget? This is the part of any project we all want to avoid thinking about, but it is necessary – especially in the planning stages. Think about how long you will be in your home, and your long-term goals. Do you want to sell your home for a higher value than you purchased it for? Your contractor will work with your budget, and deciding on one from the beginning will make the process easier.

If you are improving upon your existing home with a custom renovation this year, we would love to talk with you! Give Schneider Custom Builders a call and let us help you take that first step toward your dream home: 757-819-4466.

Tips to Keep Your Home Warm

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It’s that time of year again: temperatures are dropping, the holiday season is on everyone’s mind and it’s time to cozy up inside your home. This time of year also means it’s time to turn your heating system on to stay comfortable. If you’re looking for ways to keep your home warm without driving up energy costs, check out these cold weather tips to improve home efficiency:

  1. Routine maintenance. If you haven’t had your HVAC system and appliances serviced in a while, now is a good time to do so. This will ensure your system is functioning efficiently BEFORE you crank it on cold days. It’s also a good idea to check on your insulation and weather stripping around windows and doors.
  2. Use windows to your advantage. Your windows can set the mood and temperature of your home more than you may realize. Let the light in during the day so the sun can naturally warm your home, and keep curtains closed at night to help block the cold radiating from window glass.
  3. Use your thermostat wisely. We understand it’s important to feel comfortable in your home, but when you are away during the day or on a weekend trip, turning your heat down a few degrees will help keep your energy bills lower.
  4. Small touches. Some smaller touches can change the comfort of your home quickly, like adding rugs in rooms with wood or tile floors, changing the direction of your ceiling fans to distribute warm air better and closing the doors to colder rooms you don’t use frequently.

If you are buying or building family-friendly home, or improving upon your existing home with a custom renovation, we would love to talk with you! Give Schneider Custom Builders a call and let us help you take that first step toward your dream home: 757-819-4466.

The Luxuries of Custom Building

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One of the best parts of building a home over buying is the ability to add features based on your habits and personality. For instance, if you have a large family and love to keep lots of snacks and food in the kitchen, you can add more pantry space and have a bigger kitchen.

If you want a quiet living room to relax in front of the television that is separate from the area your children will be watching disney movies, you can add a recreation room. However, many homeowners forget about the other luxuries of custom building – the rooms you see in magazines but never think about adding to your own home. Here are a few examples from recent Schneider projects:

  1. An in-home sauna. For the homeowner who works long hours and needs a space to relax, or the fitness and wellness enthusiast, an at-home sauna is the perfect feature to have in your home. You’ll never have to sit uncomfortably in a public gym or spa when you have one available just down the hall.
  2. Wine and cigar room. If you love to entertain and throw holiday parties, or host gatherings, a wine and cigar room could be the perfect addition to your home. Whether it’s in-sight to impress your guests, or out of view as your own private retreat, this feature will make your home the place to be.
  3. Home library. Maybe you already have a home office and it feels too busy, or maybe your living room has become too cluttered as you collected books throughout the years. Either way, a home library is the best way to keep your book collection out of sight and provide the quiet space you need to focus while you read or study. You can even add your own library ladder for those hard-to-reach books!

If you’re ready to customize your home during your build or remodel to finally have the luxury space you deserve, give Schneider Custom Builders a call at (757) 819-4466 and let us help you take that first step toward your dream home.

Getting Started on Your Summer Project

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Summer is finally here, which means you’re to spend more time outside and enjoy relaxing with family and friends. It also means that this is the time of year when families have the most free time, and you’re probably ready to finally get started on your home build or remodel. Balancing both can be tough, especially when there is work to be done but another day at the beach sounds better.

Thankfully, the team at Schneider Custom Builders is here and ready to help you jump start your summer project.

Throughout our reviews, one of the most common pieces of feedback we receive is our ability to take your ideas and use them to find the best options for your home based on materials and structure. We work closely with all of our clients to meet individual needs, while making sure they also have a home they and their family will enjoy for a lifetime. With our combined experience and knowledge of quality products and designers, we know you’ll enjoy the way your home looks and feel. Even better, you’ll likely end up with a design that is even better than what you envisioned!

For instance, Ervin J. says, “We knew what we wanted, but Jim and his staff helped us to get there by pointing out flaws and offering suggestions. He knows what he is doing, particularly with framing and structure.”

Whether your project is big or small, we give every effort the same attention to detail. We’re here to decrease the stress involved with large and small home projects from start to finish. Our commitment to homeowners means you’ll get an honest assessment of your projects, a fair price and quality craftsmanship that you simply won’t find in the handyman or remodeling trades.

Take a look at our project gallery, and give us a call today (757) 819-4466 to discuss how we can do the same for you. It’s not too late!

It’s Time To Finish Those Projects

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As we move out of summer and into a new season, it’s a great time to think about those big fall projects. With the kids heading back to school, and life returning to business as usual, why not take this opportunity to finally get those dream projects done? Here are some areas where we can be a great resource for you.

Often when homeowners begin thinking about home additions, they think in terms of building out. Have you considered building up? This is a great option for those with limited space around their home or restrictions such as water or trees. Whether it’s building an extra room over the existing garage or adding a complete second story – building up can be a great solution to your space needs. Regardless of the space you have available, we can help.

When you walk through your home, are you happy with what you see? Is there a bathroom or kitchen you’ve been dying to do a complete overhaul on? You’ll be amazed at the difference a remodel will make, not only in home value, but also in the joy and renewal it can bring. We have customers tell us how they enjoy cooking again, or cooking together, because the kitchen is now a comfortable, functional space. Or, that the master bath finally feels like a spa and place of relaxation, not frustration.

Give us a call today at 757.819.4466 to discuss your new room, additional floor addition or remodeling needs. We’re detail-oriented craftsmen who are experts on code compliance, as well as knowing what tends to work for families like yours.

Small Projects That Can Make A Big Difference

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Spring has always been a great time to update your home. Take a look at these home design updates that will instantly brighten your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers or simply more enjoyable for you.

The front door is your home’s first impression. Installing a new and stylish front door will be a warm welcome to your home. Adding French doors leading to your outdoor space can bring much needed light into your home and make a room feel big and airy. French doors can also turn an unused formal living room into a functional office. How about installing a barn door to add a fresh feel to your kitchen pantry or add one to your bedroom to give it a cozy and comfortable look.

Now is the perfect time to think outside of the home when looking for ways to enhance both the beauty and quality of life for you and your family. A deck addition or replacement is the perfect choice for grilling and entertainment. Decks can be built off of the lower floor of your home or they can also be added to an upper level room in a rooftop setting.

Enhanced curb appeal is important to most homeowners and the most dramatic transformation that will instantly get attention is the addition or an enhancement of the front porch. An impressive entry way can be showcased with a beautifully designed and built porch that is also useful for relaxation with neighbors and family!

Your kitchen is a great place to start when it comes to upgrades. A new back splash is a high impact improvement that makes a world of difference. Adding an island is a great way to increase storage and seating to a small kitchen. An eat-in kitchen offers a big advantage when you are ready to sell your home. Consider adding a built in bench with a banquet table for a unique touch.

Adding new light fixtures is an easy way to update your home. Painting your home in bright, neutral colors will always go a long way to making your home feel clean and new. If you are painting, you might as well go the extra mile and upgrade your switch plates and replace your doorknobs as well. Taking the time to make these little changes can make a big difference.

Sprucing up your home will give you a well-deserved sense of relaxation when you walk through the door. Decide on the upgrade that your home needs the most and contact the Schneider Custom Builders team to make your small project dreams a reality. You will be glad you did!

This Year Resolve to Have Your Dream Home

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For many people New Year’s Resolutions involve physical health — dieting and exercise. Too often we overlook our mental health resolutions – like resolving to have less stress, or to finally take care of that to-do list or home improvement project.

If you have a list of things to work on around the home, it can feel overwhelming — especially when there are more fun things to do with your time, or you lack the expertise to do the job to an expert craftsman level.  Whether you have a few small items on your list, or have larger ambitions to finally add that art studio or sunroom, make this the year of getting things done!

At Schneider Custom Builders, we are accustomed to working with homeowners who need a little help to get their house to dream home status.  Or, as is sometimes the case, with small projects around the house that will reduce stress, improve performance (lighting, ceiling fans, fireplace inserts) or are pre-sale fixups.  Our commitment to homeowners means you’ll get an honest assessment of your projects, a fair price and quality craftsmanship that you simply won’t find in the handyman or remodeling trades.

We use the same skilled personnel and project planning, no matter what size the project.  If you are ready to let go of some stress, or finally add the element that you’ve been dreaming of, contact us today and let’s start the conversation.