Building a Family-Friendly Home

One of the biggest things to consider when working with a designer to build a home is this: will it be a family space? Although it might seem like any home can be family space, there are small things to consider that can make a huge difference. For instance:

  1. Do you, or will you have children in your home? This will determine whether you’ll want to build a spare room where your children will be able to play and create, to keep mess and noise in one area. It can also matter for safety – for instance, carpeted stairs are safer for children than wood floored stairs, and rounded edges on countertops can be safer when little ones are running around!
  2. Will you have older family members in your home? Railings on stairways, spare bedrooms downstairs, walk-in showers, higher outlets and other small considerations can make everyday life easier for elderly family members who are visiting or staying with you.
  3. Will you have pets in your home? Pets can make a huge difference in the type of flooring you choose for your home, as well as your outdoor spaces. If you are planning on having dogs in your home, you might not want to go with an expensive hardwood floor because you run the risk of scratches. If you have pets that enjoy the outdoors, you may want to consider a fenced outdoor space or a screened porch so they can spend time outside without constant supervision.

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