How To Plan Your Remodeling Project

The new year means that while the excitement of the holidays is over, many of us start looking forward to spring despite the weeks of winter ahead of us. January and February may not be great for outdoor activities and projects, but they are great for one thing: planning. If you want to complete a remodel of your home this year, use this time to start thinking about what you want for your home. Ask yourself these questions:

Which rooms don’t spark joy? You may have heard this phrase recently, with people everywhere decluttering and getting rid clothes and books that take up space in their lives but don’t bring joy. The same concept can apply to rooms in your home! For example: if you aren’t looking forward to taking a relaxing bath after a long day of work, be sure to include your master bathroom in your remodeling plans.

What environment feels the most “you?” Before you tackle a remodel, you’ll probably want to decide on a cohesive style for your home. Of course, an experienced contractor and designer can help you bring your dreams to life, but having a vision of what you want is a good idea. Think of the places you’ve been that make you feel the most comfortable and inspired. Do you like the minimalist feel of a museum gallery, with marble accents? Or, do you prefer the coziness of a log cabin lined with books?

What is your budget? This is the part of any project we all want to avoid thinking about, but it is necessary – especially in the planning stages. Think about how long you will be in your home, and your long-term goals. Do you want to sell your home for a higher value than you purchased it for? Your contractor will work with your budget, and deciding on one from the beginning will make the process easier.

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