Working Together Toward the Same Goal

We always appreciate hearing from our clients and we are proud to share the below testimonial in its entirety, because it’s such a well-written expression of how we work with our homeowners.

“A close friend of our family recommended Jim Schneider to us. We had never gone through a renovation project and didn’t really know what to expect.  We were relieved when Jim arrived, as he made it easy.  From the beginning, we liked Jim because he listened to what we had to say. Jim took pictures of our space and made note of the room dimensions. We discussed our general ideas for the room and Jim took it from there. He sent us the initial plans and estimates and went over them with us together. He invited us over to his beautiful Design Center in Ghent to discuss the project details.

“We didn’t feel like we were being sold to. We felt like the three of us we were working together towards the same goal. He knew that we had a specific budget but didn’t want to compromise the aesthetic of our home. Jim came up with design and material solutions that were both stunning and cost effective. Jim was straightforward and very specific. We felt like we knew exactly what we were getting. We did receive an estimate from another company for our project and carefully compared the two. Although the competitor’s base price was a little lower, it didn’t include all of the options that Jim was offering us. Most importantly, we had developed a trust with Jim by this point and felt very comfortable with him. I remember he told me: “Like calling a doctor when you are sick; I want to be the person you call when you have any questions about your home- now and in the future.”

sunroom Before remodel

Sunroom before remodel, with Schneider Custom Builders parked outside, ready to get started!

Before remodel door and windows

Before Remodel

before sunroom remodel door and shades

Before Remodel

“We had heard nightmare stories from friends about other contractors that promise a lot upfront and fail miserably at delivering on those promises. These worries went out the window as soon as Jim and his crew started on our room. Jim took care of all the building permits for us. They were always, always on time. The entire crew was incredibly polite and professional at all times. They grew to like our dog, Penny, and even played with her outside during their lunch break.  Penny grew pretty fond of them too. We always felt 100% comfortable with the crew in our house when we were not there. They always cleaned up their work area before they left and made sure to wipe up any dirt they may have tracked in while working.  We couldn’t even tell they had been there except for the progress that was being made on our room.  I can’t tell you how impressed we were with Jim’s entire staff.

“Jim would periodically walk us through the progress and update us on any fluctuations to the project’s time table. Our room was transforming and it was pretty cool to watch.  They were able to match the new hardwood floors almost exactly to the original ones in our 80 year old home. That in itself is pretty amazing. They had the original glass storm doors to the sunroom stripped of their 20-odd layers of paint and repainted. They also had the doors’ original hardware stripped and buffed to look like new. All of the work they did was craftsman grade. They were anal about making sure that everything was perfect and it showed.  By the time the job was done the room had surpassed all of our expectations. Jim did a final walk through with us to make sure we were happy with every detail.  He explained that when the temperature outside drops the materials may contract and we may see a small break in the caulking around the windows and molding.  He told us to call him when this happened so they could come back out to re-caulk. This did happen and they were over immediately as promised. At the walk through, Jim also gave us a customized USB thumb drive with the “before and after” pictures loaded on it. We still have it plugged into the back of our TV so we can show people if they comment on the room- which they do.  I can’t tell you how many compliments we receive on this room. We are incredibly proud of the space and use it all year around.

Sunroom remodel after photo

The beautiful “After” photo! With new hardwood flooring, windows, paint, trim, baseboards, doors and more, this sunroom shines as a beautiful space to relax and enjoy time with family and friends.

“I still call Jim if I have any questions about my home and he’s always glad to help. I have an elderly neighbor that was having some issues with some flashing around his gutters that was causing a leak in his roof. I called Jim to ask for a recommendation for a roofer that might be able to work with my elderly neighbor on the price. Jim offered to take a look himself. He identified the problem and had one of his crew come over and fix my neighbor’s flashing for free! No one asked him to do this and Jim didn’t do this to seek recognition. He just thought it was the right thing to do. You just don’t see businesses like this anymore.

“I take pride in recommending Jim Schneider to my friends and colleagues. It is my pleasure to write this review and I hope others see it and use Jim for their home renovation/construction needs.”

~ Jonathan & Rachel H.